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Alerts are elements that show a message to the user, used to draw attention graphically through preset colors.

Unkuna has the following alerts available:

  • Info
    Identified with the color blue, used to convey an informational message.
  • Success
    Identified with the green color, used to transmit a positive result.
  • Warning
    Identified with the color Amber, used to display a warning message.
  • Error
    Identified with the color red, used to transmit an error message.


Copy the HTML snippet and keep in mind:

  1. The container must have the nkn-alert class accompanied by the class that defines the type of alert:
  2. Alert Type Class
    Informative nkn-info
    Success nkn-success
    Warning nkn-warning
    Error nkn-error


HTML Snippet